Meat pre-massage


Synergistic effect of tenderization / stretching of muscle fibers


The BLADEHAMMER meat pre-massaging units are composed of two active centers that interact with the meat, causing a synergistic effect of tenderizing / stretching of the muscle fibers, significantly increasing the surface for extraction of myofibrillar proteins (tenderization), as well as increasing the interfibrillar free spaces, resulting in a very fast and better retention of the brine in said spaces during the first phases of the massage (hammer effect).

Main features

  • Significant reduction in total processing time
  • Adjustable hammer intensity, cycles and pressure
  • Increases surface of the meat piece
  • Visibly improves meat texture
  • Facilitates greater intermuscular binding
  • Easily incorporated into any type of meat processing
  • Total recovery of all drained brine
  • Each of the heads can be independently disabled

Ask for information

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The models (standard features)

Production capacity
BLADEHAMMER 4500 14,000 kg/h
BLADEHAMMER 5500 21,000 kg/h

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