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METALQUIMIA, founded in Girona (Spain) in 1971, is a leading company highly specialized in machinery and technology for the industrial manufacture of cooked, marinated and cured meat products and snacks.

Located in Girona (Catalonia, Spain) and founded in 1971, METALQUIMIA is a family business, leader in the development of technology and the manufacture of complete turnkey lines and industrial equipment for the production of cooked, marinated and cure meat products and snacks.

Metalquimia bases its activity  on technological innovation and the search for maximum quality, efficiency and automation of its wide range of production lines, designed for the meat industries and present in the most important meat processing plants in the world.

Metalquimia has designed, developed and patented since its inception a wide range of machinery, including complete brine preparation systems, injectors, tenderizers, massage reactors, vacuum systems, whole muscle vacuum stuffers, automatic cooking systems, marinating lines, defrosters, automatic QDS lines for cured sliced products,  production lines for meat snacks and the most innovative sausage cooking systems.

Metalquimia, as specialized supplier in each and every one of the phases of the meat production process, offers an integral solution and total guarantee for the manufacture of meat products with versatile, highly automated, hygienic, safe, environmentally-friendly production lines designed  to reduce manufacturing costs, all with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the world meat industry.

Metalquimia also offers the services of custom design of meat processing plants, Process engineering, Research and analysis of products in central laboratories, Pilot Plants for  industrial research and development of new meat and/or protein-based products, Exclusive workshop for the construction of prototypes, Bibliographic service and technological know-how, Training of meat processors’ technical and technological personnel, Technological and production management consultancies, Market studies, Formulation of additives and brines, Maintenance plans and renewal of processing machinery.



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Our first headquarters, the beginning of a dream ...

METALQUIMIA is founded in 1971, in the Catalan town of Besalú (Girona, Spain).


We move to the city of Girona

METALQUIMIA very quickly begins to grow and moves to a new headquarters in the city of Girona.


The birth of a new concept: Spray injection of brine

METALQUIMIA develops and patents its first Spray Injector, the MOVISTICK, a disruptive breakthrough in the industrial manufacture of whole muscle cooked meat products.


We reach a new milestone in industrial meat massaging

METALQUIMIA develops and patents the first Automatic Vacuum Meat Massage Reactor with pulmonary effect, the CICLOMAT.


We inaugurate our first research laboratory

METALQUIMIA has always given top priority to research and development of new additives and ingredients for obtaining the best meat products in each market.


We optimize brine preparation technology

METALQUIMIA patents the MOLISTICK crushing mill for the fast and efficient preparation of any type of brine, with a rotor speed of 3,000 r.p.m., an indispensable tool for optimizing Spray Injection.


We continue innovating: we incorporate cooling jackets into our massaging equipment

METALQUIMIA patents the first cooling-jacketed Massage Reactor unit, the THERMOMAT, a true milestone in industrial massage technology for meat products.


We consolidate our presence in the Spanish market

METALQUIMIA becomes a trusted supplier of the main companies producing cooked ham in the Spanish market.


First exports to countries in Europe and Latin America

METALQUIMIA begins its international expansion with numerous exports to European and Latin American countries.


We complete our ham production lines with automatic dosing stuffers

METALQUIMIA patents the first automatic Stuffing - dosing machine, the DOSIMATIC, thus completing the main stages of cooked ham production: brine preparation, injection, massage and stuffing


For the first time we exhibit at the IFFA Fair (Frankfurt)

METALQUIMIA presents its new processes and manufacturing equipment for Cooked Ham at the meat industry’s most important Trade Fair: the IFFA Fair in Frankfurt (Germany).


We increase our expansion with the export of processing lines

METALQUIMIA consolidates its leadership with the installation of numerous production lines in meat processing plants in Asia, America and Oceania.


Our first headquarters in Girona has become too small ...

METALQUIMIA acquires the adjoining land in Girona and begins the construction of a new building, tripling the existing surface area in order to accommodate new staff and services required by the growth of the company.


We consolidate our leadership in injection technology

METALQUIMIA consolidates its leadership position in brine injection technology by equipping its MOVISTICK injectors with high precision anti-foam heads with multiple applications.


We quickly adapt to computerization in the meat industry

METALQUIMIA patents the first fully computerized automatic massage reactor, the THERMOCOMPUTER, a true revolution in the global meat industry. The first unit is installed in Carnes Estellés, in Valencia.


Our research laboratories continue to grow

METALQUIMIA increasingly needs to expand its research and development efforts to keep abreast of new trends in meat technology and meet the growing demands of the international market.


Our facilities expand again ... construction work is always underway!

METALQUIMIA consolidates its leadership position as a provider of technology and industrial equipment for cooked whole muscle products. As a result of this consolidation, the company expands its facilities in the city of Girona.


We incorporate vacuum systems into our automatic whole muscle stuffers

METALQUIMIA patents the first automatic vacuum stuffer for whole muscle products, the VACUMATIC, which is quickly installed in the major meat processing plants worldwide due to its technological advantages.


Our customers and friends visit us again at IFFA 1992

METALQUIMIA once again turns its stand at IFFA into a meeting point for customers, suppliers and friends from all over the world.


We launch the first fresh meat marinating lines

METALQUIMIA enters the field of marinated products with the launching and consolidation of machinery for marinating poultry and fresh meats.


We make a strong entrance into the Russian market and Arab countries

METALQUIMIA seeks new challenges and establishes itself in new markets of the former USSR and Arab countries, with the installation of multiple automated manufacturing plants for products customized to meet the specific needs of these markets.


We develop pre-massage machinery to optimize the process

METALQUIMIA patents the first automatic pre-massage machines, the MULTIHAMMER and later the BLADEHAMMER, which provide a significant reduction in total processing time and increased productivity and profitability of the industrial process.


We implement a generational change in the company

METALQUIMIA carries out a generational change. The founder, Narcís Lagares, moves into the position of President, and his sons take over: Josep as CEO and Narcís Jr. as Production Manager.


On our 25th Anniversary, we say goodbye to our assembly workshop .... to expand and modernize it

METALQUIMIA grows in years and size and, coinciding with its 25th Anniversary, opens a new assembly workshop in Girona, equipped with the most modern tools and with a surface area tripling that of the existing workshop.


We make great strides forward in the field of continuous automatic vacuum stuffing for whole muscle products

METALQUIMIA patents the new fully automatic TWINVAC whole muscle stuffer, specially designed for continuous vacuum stuffing of meat pieces of any size without destroying their morphology, attachable to thermoformers and clippers.


We develop the most modern retractable injection heads

METALQUIMIA develops and later patents a new retractable injection head for bone-in products, thus giving a new impetus to the industrial manufacture of cooked ham, offering a wide range of meat products.


We establish strategic alliances to promote the development of new products

METALQUIMIA establishes its first strategic alliances with Research Centers and strategic Customers for the development of new products and new innovative technologies in the meat sector.


We have grown: we are 30 years old and we inaugurate new industrial buildings in Palol de Revardit

METALQUIMIA grows exponentially and must expand its Production and Service warehouses. On its 30th anniversary, it opens new industrial buildings near Girona, and thus acquires a new dimension. The main headquarters remain in Girona.


We improve meat tenderization for obtaining higher yield in cooked products

METALQUIMIA develops and patents dual-head meat tenderization equipment with the FILOGRIND TWIN, especially useful in the manufacture of products destined for slicing, providing increased yield, especially in Cook-in processes.


We patent the new automatic Cooking plant for meat products

METALQUIMIA patents the first COOKLINE FDC, the ready-to-eat food cooking and pasteurization system that combines molding, cooking, cooling and demolding operations in a fully automatic and continuous flow line.


We enter the world of cured meat products with a breakthrough innovation: the QDS system

METALQUIMIA patents its QDS technology for the accelerated curing of sliced meat products, the result of many years of research and experimentation, and thus broadens its range of products to include sliced sausage, salami and chorizo.


We invent a new concept: Creativation (CREATIvity x InnoVATION)

METALQUIMIA bases its activity on a strategy of differentiation through CREATIVATION techniques, together with the highest Quality of its equipment, Smart Design, Talent and Open Collaboration with clients and partners.


We develop a new processing technology in the field of marinated products

METALQUIMIA patents the AUVIPLUS lines that provide optimum injection percentage precision, especially in marinated products and poultry meat, thanks to the cutting-edge design of its new injection head.


Our national and international expansion leads us to once again expand our facilities

METALQUIMIA inaugurates four new production facilities in the Palol de Revardit Industrial Park, in order to meet the growing demand for its industrial equipment, destined for meat processors around the world.


We inaugurate in Girona our new Pilot Plant for cooked meat products, in which we conduct tests for the development of all kinds of new products

METALQUIMIA modernizes its Pilot Plant for Cooked Products and equips it with the most modern technologies for the development of new products and the conducting of tests with customers and partners, thus completing the services available at its main head


We lead a profound change in the production of cured products, with the development of the first large-scale automatic QDS Process production plants for sliced cured meat products

METALQUIMIA patents the automatic QDS Process lines for drying and maturing sliced products, with a drastic reduction in processing time, reduced from weeks to hours, with the great advantages that this implies for manufacturers.


We make advances in massaging technology, with the development of the Accelerated Intensive Massage process

METALQUIMIA patents the TURBOMEAT® massage technology, ideal in short-term processes with reduced maturation times, intended for the manufacture of medium, high, and very high-yield cooked products, with a great increase in productivity.


We inaugurate a new Pilot Center for the development of dried products with QDS Process technology

METALQUIMIA inaugurates a QDS Process Research and Technology Pilot Center in Girona, the result of the great success this technology has in the meat sector with a constant flow of customers interested in incorporating the QDS Process into their industria


We are committed to our social environment and therefore create the Metalquimia Foundation

METALQUIMIA creates the METALQUIMIA FOUNDATION to encourage, promote, foster, sponsor and carry out actions that promote creativity and innovation in different areas of our society: social, cultural, business, educational, scientific ...


We are constantly evolving, and so make new changes to our corporate governing bodies

METALQUIMIA names Llorenç Freixanet as new General Manager. The founder Narcís Lagares holds the position of Honorary President, his son Josep becomes Executive President, and Narcís Jr. the Operations and Production Manager.


There is no challenge too great for us in the field of injection: we invent a triple-head injector

METALQUIMIA patents the first injector with 3 heads, the MOVISTICK TRIPLEX, for bone-in or boneless meat products. The most powerful injection system on the market, spectacular brine distribution and color uniformity. Feed up to 120 mm.


We love meat chips and snacks, and for this reason we entered fully into their industrial manufacture with QDSnacks technology

METALQUIMIA patents QDSnacks technology, an evolution of QDS Process technology, which allows the design and manufacture of all types of protein-based snacks, without limitation of formats. Tasty and healthy foods, low in carbohydrates.


We expand the QDS Snacks section with new achievements and research

METALQUIMIA inaugurates a new QDS SNACKS Research Center in Girona, exclusively dedicated to the development of new meat and / or protein-based snacks, which are increasingly in demand in the industrial meat sector.


We implement connectivity and 4.0 industrial technology in all our equipment

METALQUIMIA offers its customers the totality of its processing lines equipped with interconnectivity 4.0., automation, and real time data provision, with the consequent agility in monitoring processes and cost reduction.


We have exhibited at IFFA for 36 years ... and will do so for many more!

METALQUIMIA attends the IFFA Fair in Frankfurt once again, and presents its innovations in cutting-edge machinery and technology, together with the 5th Edition of the Book of Technological Articles, an authentic compendium of industrial meat processing.


We are in confinement ... but we keep on inventing!

METALQUIMIA, in this unusual year 2020, would like to send all its customers, suppliers, partners and friends a message of encouragement and hope and wishes for a much better 2021!


1971 - 2021 We celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Many thanks to everyone!!


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What do we stand for?


Metalquimia’s success is based on a strategy of creativation (creativity + innovation), product differentiation and quality improvement, shared by and open to all company personnel and collaborators.

Culture of value

The defining factor of Metalquimia’s identity lies in getting all its members to participate in the same restless and innovative spirit, capable of crystallizing in a culture of value, effectiveness, efficiency, quality and service.

Ethics and transparency

With the aim of creating an environment of transparency and promoting respect for legality and for the rules of conduct established in the Code of Ethics, Metalquimia Group has an internal information system and the corresponding communication channel.

Code of ethics and communication channel

Metalquimia Foundation

The Foundation fosters, promotes, encourages, sponsors and performs actions that stimulate creativity and innovation in the different areas of our society, whether business, social, cultural, scientific-technological or educational.

Metalquimia Foundation Website