Metalquimia offers a wide range of consulting and technological services to improve product quality and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Technological consulting

Metalquimia’s technological service is one of the most prestigious and widely recognized pillars of the company and provides for continuously improving the sustainable competitiveness of the meat sector on a global scale

Pilot plants

Metalquimia has cutting-edge pilot facilities for the research and development of new processes and meat products, constantly updated with the latest technologies.

Turnkey plant design

Metalquimia offers an integral solution and total guarantee in the manufacture of meat products, with versatile and automated production lines that are hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly.

Analysis laboratories

Metalquimia offers its customers a personal and specialized analysis service (chemical and microbiological) for the continuous optimization and control of their meat products and food additives.

Formulation of additives

The Technology Department offers our customers the service of formulation and optimization of brines and marinades, an essential tool for continuously improving the competitiveness of your meat products.

Bibliographic service

Metalquimia makes available to its customers an extensive database of scientific knowledge, with articles and documentation about meat processing technology.