Integral Plant for the manufacture of Meat Snacks


METALQUIMIA introduces QDSnacks® technology, an evolution of the QDS Process® technology, an impressive quantum leap in the design and manufacture of protein-based snacks, which allows for innovation and industrialization in the world of meat snacks in such a way that, up until now and with existing technologies, was not possible, offering multiple advantages and accelerated innovation options compared to the rest of current processing methods.

The innovative QDSnacks® technology provides for designing a variety of highly profitable meat snacks, thus enabling the processor to meet the challenges of a growing demand. QDSnacks® offers the end consumer other types of food to eat between meals: healthier foods, rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, without trans fats, ... which, without a doubt, are already transforming the global food market.

Main features

  • Manufacture of Meat Snacks with High Added Value: Jerky type snacks, extruded and crispy chips among many other options.
  • Integral, Continuous, Automated and High Productivity Plant: High profitability compared to traditional technologies.
  • Versatility and Universal Flexibility: Capable of working with all kinds of formats and protein matrices.
  • Exponential Innovation: Provides for the accelerated development of new products.

Ask for information

For more information on production capacity and technological possibilities, contact METALQUIMIA. Write us at news@metalquimia.com or fill in the online contact form

The models (standard features)


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