Spray Marination Processing Line at Maximum Exponent, provided with up to 4,914 Injection Points

METALQUIMIA presents the new injector AUVISTICK PLUS 990 HP, the High-Precision 4.0 Spray Marinating line, provided with up to 4,914 Injection Points and offering a high-density needle pattern.

The main characteristic of new injector AUVISTICK PLUS 990 HP is its unrivalled output capacity: 990 mm belt width, that provides a very high productivity, achieving up to 12,000 birds/hour.

The special and innovative design of AUVISTICK PLUS 990 HP results in an independent needle brine injection system for an optimal multiple way injection operation, minimum dripping, optimization of yield, and higher quality and consistency of the marinated product.

AUVISTICK PLUS 990 HP is designed for processing Bone-In and Boneless Products. The injector incorporates automatic rammer control system, flexible Memory Effect for the needles, extended input conveyor belt and high-performance brine pump. It operates absolutely integrated in the 4.0 Smart Automation System and it’s equipped with 4.0. MQC_Data Intelligent Module.

AUVISTICK PLUS 990 HP assures a total smart sanitization, with automatic cleaning, great simplicity of needle extraction and easy access to maintenance, cleaning, and sanitation.

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