Continuous vacuum stuffing


Specially designed for continuous vacuum stuffing of big pieces of meat without destroying their morphology, obtaining a finished product of better quality, with an excellent texture, without air bubbles and without risk of bacteriological contamination.

Very suitable for whole muscle cooked meat products, specially long bars for slicing. Their high power and the special design of the vacuum hopper feeding product to the stuffing chambers by means of an endless spindle also allows for the continuous pumping of ground meats, emulsions and other especially viscous food masses which tend to stick to the hopper walls. They can work  coupled with standard continuous clippers or thermoformers having a meat passage adequate to the stuffing horn diameter

Main features

  • High power hydraulic operation independent from the meat circuit.
  • Pneumatic loading valve.
  • Endless spindle in the vacuum hopper which forces feeding of the stuffing chambers.
  • Meat pumping using two reciprocating hydraulic cylinders.
  • Without bottlenecks, displacements or rotations.
  • Ergonomic design, with vacuum hopper divided in 3 sections allowing easy access for sanitation.
  • Very easy access to all parts of the machine for maintenance.
  • Extremely easy cleaning and sanitation with incredible savings of time in assembly and disassembly.
  • Maintenance assistant.
  • Alarm detection.
  • Adjustable dosing system independent or through external signal.
  • Automatic hopper feed by vacuum transport with infrared photocell meat level sensor.
  • Cutting accessory to facilitate stuffing of meat with high nerve and tendon content.
  • Controlled by means of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and touchscreen display.
  • Adaptable to standard continuous clippers and thermoformers.
  • Accessories for precision dosing, thermoformers, bags and consumer units filling (not included).

Plus Features

  • Higher power and stuffing pressure, allowing also for stuffing through small diameter horns and tougher meats.
  • The lower total height and the ergonomic design improve the efficiency of the assembling and disassembling operations, and also of the cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  • New system for the stuffing cylinders position detection, improving even more the dosing precision.
  • Optimized hygienic design, with all components easily accessible for visual inspection, including the stuffing cylinders.
  • New software offering a clear and friendly interface with more regulations possibilities.

Ask for information

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The models (standard features)

Continuous pumping capacity Hopper capacity
TWINVAC HP-5 PLUS CLASSIC 4,900 kg/h 300 kg

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