Computer-controlled meat maceration system that provides for the fully automatic processing of different types of products


The possibilities offered by the THERMOCOMPUTER for automatic control, without operator assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the maceration of meats in different parameters and with great operational versatility, allows you to obtain higher quality and increased final yield in all kinds of meat processing, regardless of the animal species or the size of the pieces.

  • Capable of top performance of the latest advances in cooked meat technology.
  • Facilitates diffusion and cellular absorption of the injected brine, with ordered and precision-controlled maturations.
  • Extracts the myofibrillar proteins, homogenizing the pieces without destroying the morphology, and reduces cooking loss.
  • Controls and records the meat maturation temperature.

Main features

  • Programmable maceration by means of impact and massage, from gentle to energetic.
  • Pulmonary action with alternate vacuum and overpressure cycles.
  • Incorporated and simultaneous cooling.
  • Exclusive drum tilting system facilitates fast unloading, indispensable for obtaining a product with a high vacuum level (without foam or trapped air).
  • Vacuum circuit without bottlenecks (from pump to drum) that ensures a strong suction flow at high vacuum rates.
  • Programmable maceration cycles for each type of product with operational sequence programs of varying degrees of sophistication depending on the customer's needs.
  • Selectable drum rotation speed.
  • Automatic on-line temperature control with registry of its real-time evolution.
  • Maximum traceability with data register of all processing operations carried out on the different products.
  • CIP cleaning cycle automatically intercalated between operations when required and / or at the end of the cycle.
  • Preventive maintenance assistant and self-diagnosis of malfunctions.
  • Preparation of optimal production chronograms.

Ask for information

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The models (standard features)

Production capacity Tanks Simple load
THERMOCOMPUTER 1200 7,200 kg/day 12 round 600 kg
THERMOCOMPUTER 2000 10,800 kg/day 12 square 900 kg
THERMOCOMPUTER 3000 10,800 kg/day 18 round 600 kg
THERMOCOMPUTER 3000X 16,200 kg/day 12 square 1350 kg
THERMOCOMPUTER 4000 16,200 kg/day 18 square 900 kg
THERMOCOMPUTER 4000X 21,600 kg/day 18 square 1200 kg

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