Tenderization with rollers


Improved yield and reduced cooking loss


The range of FILOGRIND / AUTOGRIND meat tenderizers produce a multitude of cuts in the meat muscle, increasing the surface for extraction of myofibrillar proteins, contributing to the reduction of cooking loss, improving yield, minimizing intermuscular binding defects and preventing the appearance holes in the product’s slice. The system facilitates better distribution of brine in the meat mass, obtaining fewer deviations in the analytical results of the finished product.

Main features

  • Optional rollers with blades or prongs
  • Adjustable distance between rollers
  • Compensatory damper for tough meats
  • Possibility of setting the distance between rollers
  • Interchangeable blank rollers for working with skin-on products
  • Maximum easiness of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
  • Less trimming required during meat preparation

Ask for information

For more information on production capacity and technological possibilities, contact METALQUIMIA. Write us at news@metalquimia.com or fill in the online contact form

The models (standard features)

Production capacity
FILOGRIND 360 8,500 kg/h
AUTOGRIND 360 8,500 kg/h
AUTOGRIND 5500 20,000 kg/h
AUTOGRIND 360 TWIN 8,500 kg/h
AUTOGRIND 5500 TWIN 20,000 kg/h

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