Tenderization with blades


Improving yield, minimizing defects


The MULTIBLADE 4500 meat tenderizing unit is composed of two blade tenderizing heads that provide for significantly increasing the surface for extraction of myofibrillar proteins by producing a multitude of cuts in the meat muscle, contributing to the reduction of cooking loss, improving yield, minimizing intermuscular binding defects and preventing the appearance of holes in the sliced product. Used primarily for whole meat pieces of high quality, as well as for high-yield "cook-in" products.

Main features

  • Hydraulic head drive.
  • Belt feed, ensuring total tenderization homogeneity throughout the meat mass.
  • Adaptable to different types of blades, depending on the product to be processed, by means of interchangeable blade heads.
  • Each of the heads can be independently disabled.
  • Total recovery of all drained brine.
  • Very easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

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