Solution for the manufacture of all kinds of meat, vegan and combined snacks in a single line.


From the new concepts of salami sticks to hybrid meat & vegetable snacks, the current disruptive trends, as well as a market with double-digit growth, demand flexible and innovative tools to carry out market tests in an agile way, as well as quickly produce new snack concepts and formats.

METALQUIMIA presents the QDSnacks® ECOLINES (ECOSTART & ECOPLUS) lines, which offer the global food market a completely new solution for the manufacture of all kinds of meat, vegan and combined snacks in a single line.

The horizontal laminar flow drying systems of the QDSnacks® ECOLINE installation, designed by METALQUIMIA, uniformly and precisely dehydrate any type of meat or protein-based snack.

Constant control of air conditions and product yield, for maximum precision and repeatability of the results of each batch, is presented as a key feature of the new system.

In addition, the new technology offers an operating range of temperatures, from 20ºC to 90ºC, with any level of Relative Humidity, so that practically any cooking and drying process can be carried out, including wet and dry cooking.

Along with the QDSnacks® ECOLINES snack manufacturing lines, METALQUIMIA presents a wide range of new accessories for supplying production facilities, among which the following stand out: the Low Pressure extruder for meat sticks, shrink tape or loader of coextruded sticks.

QDSnacks® ECOLINES provide for the manufacture of a multitude of ready-to-eat meat snacks that are stable at room temperature for months, maintaining their flavor, texture and appearance as fresh as on the first day after production.

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