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Automatic cleaning and sanitation of needles


Machine for the automatic and simultaneous cleaning, hygiene and sanitation of all the needles of the injector. The NEEDLECLEAN is provided with a tank to hold a solution of detergent / disinfectant, a centrifugal pump, several containers to hold the injection needles, a PLC and electrovalves to perform the cleaning cycle. All these elements are assembled in a compact and closed chassis, with wheels for its possible displacement and location. The unit is equipped with a manual valve for emptying the tanks.

It is designed to accommodate up to a maximum of 8 needle containers. It is fully configurable, since its design allows for including the desired number of needle containers according to the needs of each customer.

In a first phase, circulation of the detergent / disinfectant in the opposite direction to that of the needles starts the cleaning / disinfection process. In this phase, the PLC is in charge of carrying out a cycle for each group that combines pressurized circulation times with rest times when the needles are left immersed. Subsequently, the detergent is emptied from the circuit by recirculating pressurized air and rinsing with water.


In the last part of the cleaning / disinfection cycle, pressurized air is recirculated to eliminate any excess water in order to obtain clean needles, ready for operation and with a total guarantee of hygiene, effectiveness and efficiency in the meat injection process.

The minimum approximate times for fully automatic cleaning range from 3.5 hours to 6 hours, depending on the number of needles. In each of the stages, the time is programmable.

Main features

  • Centrifugal pump
  • Several containers to hold the needles
  • PLC and electrovalves.
  • Compact and closed chassis, with wheels, for possible displacement.

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