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Drybinder system for optimizing brine retention


The DRYBINDER unit has been designed to reduce post-injection drainage time in order to facilitate packaging of the meat immediately after being processed by said unit, since it has been proven that the greatest loss of injected brine in the muscle fibers occurs in the first ten minutes after injection and completely disappears one hour after having been injected.

The exclusive design of the DRYBINDER drum produces a mechanical effect on the meat that forces drainage of the brine that has not been absorbed by the meat tissues. It also produces a slight massaging effect on the muscle mass that contributes to a slight retention of the brine, minimizing the signs of needle marks, thus offering a product with a better appearance, improved organoleptic quality and longer shelf life.

Main features

  • Equipped with perforated plate drum, which incorporates small baffles that keep the meat in continual in motion.
  • Meat processing time in the DRYBINDER can be modified by regulating the rotation speed and tilt of the drum.

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