Injectors MOVIPLUS 4.0.


Excellence in Smart design


It is a real pleasure to inform the Global Meat Sector that METALQUIMIA, and specifically the new “METALQUIMIA Signature” line made up of the MOVIPLUS 4.0 injector, the TURBOMEAT 4.0 massage reactor and the TWINVAC 4.0 automatic whole muscle stuffer, was the winner of the RED DOT AWARD FOR INDUSTRIAL DESIGN 2019 (see

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD is a highly prestigious award in international design, which rewards not only a very cutting-edge design, but also the maximum in excellence, quality, performance and ergonomics. It is granted by the Zentrum Nordheim Westfalen in Essen, Germany, and there are several different categories: product design, design agencies and design concepts. Since 1955, designers and producers around the world present their best designs. The winning designs are exhibited in the Red Dot museum in the former Zollverein coal mine.

In the words of Josep Lagares, Executive President of METALQUIMIA, "it is very important to reflect on the significance of the RED DOT AWARD FOR BEST INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, since it is considered to be the “Nobel Prize” for design and, therefore, will help us to position both the METALQUIMIA brand in general and the winning models in particular, within other sectors that have nothing to do with ours, thus providing additional added value to all our customers and users."

Main features

  • Total 4.0 Connectivity: The Injection of the Future
  • Self-regulating injection system: incomparable precision
  • SPRAYPLUS® technology: unbeatable brine distribution
  • Increase in operating Cycles: higher Productivity
  • Smart & Hygienic Design: Signature Edition

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