HD LPSLoader/EvoLoader


Automatic loader that sets a new standard in sausage handling


Along with the HD FSS line, METALQUIMIA presents the HD LPSLoader unit, the automatic manipulator / loader that sets a new standard in sausage handling, surpassing even the advantages of the most demanding loading robots.

Main features

  • Maximization of the packaging unit capacity / Increased Productivity
  • No recirculation of the product / Improved Food Safety
  • Gentle drop through side door / Deposition Precision
  • Up to 50% reduction in loading space / Less floor space
  • Gentle fall by gravity only / Gentle treatment of the product
  • Very fast disassembly and open frame structure / Hygiene and improved sanitation
  • Inline and 90 degree loading / Enhanced flexibility

Ask for information

For more information on production capacity and technological possibilities, contact METALQUIMIA. Write us at news@metalquimia.com or fill in the online contact form

The models (standard features)

HD LPSLoader / EvoLoader NS
HD LPSLoader / EvoLoader DS
HD LPSLoader / EvoLoader BS

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