New Sausage Cooking Line HD Flexible Sticks Smokehouse


Automatic HD FSS line (HD FLEXIBLE SMOKEHOUSE STICKS), the continuous tunnel for sausage cooking that maximizes product yield and operating flexibility, at the lowest level of investment and maintenance cost.

The new HD FSS cooking line incorporates an innovative chainless transport system, with an independently adjustable product dwell time within the cooking zones. It also integrates multiple fans that provide for both traditional German and modern American processes. The optional adjustable unloading outlet absorbs fluctuations in the packaging area; with complete modularity for easy updating of small installations and with the possibility of incorporating low-height modules that can be installed in existing premises

Main features

  • Automated loading from the stuffer: Reduced labor and improved food safety.
  • Capable of interacting with any brand of stuffer: Improved flexibility.
  • The product travels through every part of the chamber: Greatly improves color uniformity, precision, and control of dripping loss.
  • Dwell time independently adjustable for each zone: Maximum precision in yield / dripping loss control.
  • Automated unloading: Improved utilization of peelers - reduced labor.
  • Possibility of adding a buffer after pasteurization: Safer production flow.
  • No chain replacements: Great savings in maintenance costs.

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The models (standard features)


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