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Injection control and adjustment system.


The INJECTIOMETER injection control and adjustment system provides for controlling the injection percentages reached and automatically adding whatever brine is lacking. Especially useful in injection lines with a hopper at the inlet of the injector and one or more hoppers at the outlet. The system is equipped with load cells in each of these hoppers that capture the input and output weights that are then sent to a programmable logic controller that, based on the parameters stored for the product, displays the resulting injection percentage on the screen, as well as the lacking or excess weight. In the event of a lack of brine, the system has an option on the touch screen that allows the operator, in a single press, to add brine to the outlet hoppers from the injector filter or from the preparation tanks until the required weight is completed.

Main features

  • Sets of load cells in the injection inlet and outlet hoppers.
  • Brine pump for automatic or manual injection adjustment.
  • Controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Weight control software with storage of the injection percentages of the different products.
  • Possibility of configuring input batches with the weight accumulated in successive loads in the input hopper.
  • Control touch screen.
  • Registry of batches injected and corrections made.

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