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Automatic system of injection control and self-regulation


Automatic system of control and self-regulation of the injection of the product "in continuous flow" for small pieces or "by batches" for large pieces.

The product is accumulated in a hopper with a belt that automatically doses it on another continuous dynamic or intermittent batch weight control belt. This belt captures the weight of the product at the inlet of the injector and sends the data obtained to a PLC. Another belt transfers the product to the injector.

At the outlet of the injector, a system drains the brine and transfers the product to another dynamic or batch weight control belt, which captures the weight of the injected product as it leaves the injector. The data obtained are sent to the PLC to relate them to the weights at the inlet of the injector and thus calculate the respective percentages% of injection. The system can be combined with vibrating tables, the DRYBINDER or directly to freezing or packaging lines (depending on product and customer).

All the belts are synchronized with the injector speed, resulting in a minimum loss of time.

The line is controlled by software developed by METALQUIMIA. The system provides for automatic adjustment of injector parameters to keep the injection percentage constant. This adjustment is performed every so often, to be defined according to the product.

Main features

  • System controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Weight control software with storage of the injection percentages of the different products..
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Registry of the initial and injected kg / batches and the corrections made.

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